About Us


Build Green Maine was first launched in November of 2006 as a program of the Midcoast Magnet, Maine's original creative economy networking organization. The goal was to bring together building professionals to substantially improve the energy efficiency of new home construction. At the same time, the Newforest Institute in Brooks, Maine had acquired the technical expertise in Building Science and began to host a series of conferences, workshops and other organizing events aimed at both the retrofit and new construction markets. Soon, these two initiatives were joined together under the Build Green Maine umbrella and managed by the Newforest Institute.

In the summer of 2008, Build Green Maine answered the call by Maine's Gov. Baldacci to accelerate the training of energy auditors and weatherization technicians for the Maine State Housing Authority. While homeowners were frightened by oil prices approaching $5 a gallon, BGM responded by training over 150 certified professionals to help residents prepare to meet the challenge. Along the way, Build Green Maine continued to be in regular demand, speaking at universities, conferences and to professional associations, non-profit and community groups.

The Build Green Maine then organized and hosted the state's landmark green building and building energy event, the Built Energy Forum at the Augusta Civic Center in January of 2009. This event attracted the Governor, the heads of state agencies, academic leaders and international experts in building science and connected them with building and energy professionals from across the state and practioners on the ground. The event galvanized the industry in the state and lead, later that summer, to legislation creating the Efficiency Maine Trust, as well as the formation of Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals (MABEP).

Leveraging off of the Forum, Build Green Maine began to host monthly luncheons that brought together the heads of all the organizations and state agencies active in the building performance and energy efficiency fields [See stakeholders list]. This series reinforced the emerging industry in the state and resulted in the identification of technical gaps in training and certification.

In the fall of 2009, Build Green Maine launched the Independent Brooks Project, a leading-edge community weatherization program. Employing best practices from around the country, iBrooks is the only community-wide energy retrofit program in the state. iBrooks succeeded in winning an $85,000 Conservation Block Grant and has begun to build a national model for rural community sustainability.

In March of 2010, in order to demonstrate financial sustainability for bold initiatives that empower community management of energy, Build Green Maine incorporated as an LLC. This latest development has allowed us to provide the institutional infrastructure for iBrooks, as well as provide audit, education and management services where ever needed throughout the state of Maine.