Build Green Maine formed as a merger between Maine’s creative economy organization, the Mid-Coast Magnet, and the green building program of the Newforest Institute in 2006. Initially, our mission was to organize the state’s energy efficiency industry. We did this by hosting regional conferences and monthly meetings of the various state housing agencies and private sector building associations.

In Summer 2008, Build Green Maine answered the call by then Governor Baldacci to accelerate the training of energy auditors and weatherization technicians for the Maine State Housing Authority. We responded by training over 150 professionals in a six-month period. Along the way, we continued to be in regular demand. Speaking at universities, conferences, professional associations, non-profits, and community groups.

After the legislative reform of the Efficiency Maine Trust in 2009, Build Green Maine launched the Independent Brooks Project, a leading-edge weatherization program and the only community-wide energy retrofit program in the state. Since then, we have assessed and overseen the upgrade of countless buildings around the state.

In March 2010, Build Green Maine incorporated and became a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Affiliated Test Center. Since then, we have trained over 2,000 weatherization professionals in 16 states. In 2016, we were awarded the contract to conduct BPI training in Ukraine. We returned in 2017 to continue to build up that country’s human capital in energy efficiency retrofits.

Since in 2020 we been the prime training supplier for the New Jersey Clean Energy Future Jobs Training Program, training auditors and technicians for both their residential and multi-family programs. We provide the technical component for On-the-Job apprenticeship programs.

At Build Green Maine, we believe that high-performing homes are essential to protect people from a rapidly changing climate. Only a science-based approach can provide dwellings that preserve people’s health, comfort, and dignity cost-effectively.

We don’t just teach it. We preach it. We don’t just talk it. We do it.


Lowell, MA

I cannot believe how much I learned. This was worth every penny!


Portland, ME

I’ve been to many workshops and conferences on buildings and energy efficiency, but yours is by far the best I’ve ever attended.


Montclair, NJ

It's easy learning from someone who is passionate about what they're teaching. You made it fun.

Dave C.

Rockland, Maine

I have found the quality of the video very good and the subject matter very interesting and well presented. I really enjoy learning the science behind what I have sort of “known” most of my life. It really all makes a lot of sense and there have already been several “AH HA” moments where I go “I knew that” but at the same time could never explain why to anyone.