BPI Training

As a Building Performance Institute Test Center, we at Build Green Maine try to honor those who do the work of energy efficiency in our buildings. You are the ones flopping around dusty attics or belly crawling in wet basements to fix weak, drafty houses. You are the professionals making others’ lives healthier and
more comfortable, and their homes more durable and efficient.

To support you, we offer comprehensive instruction to prepare you to pass your BPI certification tests. Our instruction goes way beyond the minimum needed to pass. Because it is important that you understand building science. Why? Because in the field you will confront new challenges.

Every Building is Unique!

If you don’t understand the physics in this specific building or know its mechanical systems, you may cause more harm than good. We have seen this over and over, having to go in and fix a house that someone already weatherized. With a thorough grounding, you will be the type of professional that solves new challenges when they arise, not perform repairs after a client complains.

Our training programs provide the right mix of in-depth online instruction with efficient and effective field diagnostics. We prepare you to know why moisture appears in a given location, how to sleuth out the air leakage profile of a building and overcome windy conditions during a combustion safety test.

This is why we maintain actual test houses in multiple locations in the northeast. Build Green Maine is not out to be the biggest BPI trainer or to maximize our profit. Our mission is to prepare the criticallyneeded professionals for careers shouldering the task of weatherization.

Whether as a technician or an auditor, either single-family or multi-family, gathering data in the field, or analyzing it in the office. We are in this together. That’s why over 2,000 professionals in 16 states and two continents have trusted us and why they return again.


Lowell, MA

I cannot believe how much I learned. This was worth every penny!


Portland, ME

I’ve been to many workshops and conferences on buildings and energy efficiency, but yours is by far the best I’ve ever attended.


Montclair, NJ

It's easy learning from someone who is passionate about what they're teaching. You made it fun.

Dave C.

Rockland, Maine

I have found the quality of the video very good and the subject matter very interesting and well presented. I really enjoy learning the science behind what I have sort of “known” most of my life. It really all makes a lot of sense and there have already been several “AH HA” moments where I go “I knew that” but at the same time could never explain why to anyone.