Energy Audits

At Build Green Maine, we perform customized building assessments and analyses, no matter how large or small. The true picture of a building, its weaknesses, and unique features demand a full battery of diagnostic tests and detailed analysis of energy use across all fuels.

Infrared scanning shows us what’s inside our walls. Zonal pressure diagnostics with a pressure pan tell the pathway of escaping air. Without these and other tests, we are just guessing.

How do we know if the heating system, envelope bypasses, or rock foundation are the biggest source of heat loss? At Build Green Maine our approach is to document, measure, inspect, diagnose, model, then prescribe. The solutions you get are for today and tomorrow.

Our customized reports are based on:

  • Visual Inspections of Framing, Insulation, and HVAC systems
  • Measurement of all building components
  • Infrared Scanning of the Envelope, both static and dynamic
  • Blower Door Air Leakage Testing
  • Zonal Pressure Diagnostics
  • Combustion Safety Testing
  • Duct Leakage Assessment
  • Energy Modeling
  • Utility Analysis

Residential Audit Price: $500

Commercial or Multi-Family: Contact us for pricing.


Lowell, MA

I cannot believe how much I learned. This was worth every penny!


Portland, ME

I’ve been to many workshops and conferences on buildings and energy efficiency, but yours is by far the best I’ve ever attended.


Montclair, NJ

It's easy learning from someone who is passionate about what they're teaching. You made it fun.

Dave C.

Rockland, Maine

I have found the quality of the video very good and the subject matter very interesting and well presented. I really enjoy learning the science behind what I have sort of “known” most of my life. It really all makes a lot of sense and there have already been several “AH HA” moments where I go “I knew that” but at the same time could never explain why to anyone.