BPI Training

George-Teaching--2Build Green Maine combines extensive experience in construction, business, building science and teaching to form the core of our teaching philosophy and program. With over 30 years construction experience, literally hundreds of building audits and evaluations, investment management experience and hundreds of teaching hours at various colleges, universalities and adult education programs, we deliver the finest theoretical and hands-on experience that a building science student could hope for.

Our goals are to make sure that students understand the science of buildings and energy, master the mathematics that translates a general understanding into actionable decisions, and that they can demonstrate their competence in the field. Toward this end, we spare no effort to provide the highest quality instruction. For instance, we don't just cover combustion safety; we bring in Master Technicians to discuss heating systems in detail. We don't just talk about the Physics of the building envelope; we show students how to measure the pressure differentials throughout the building. We don't just talk about state programs, but bring in the people who administer them.

To date we have trained over 150 professionals. We have not only trained contractors and auditors, but have helped lobstermen, school teachers, laborers and software professionals successfully make the transition to new careers in Building Science. We provide the skills and strategies and show you how to apply them in real houses.

We know buildings and we know how to teach.

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Group Rates

Some firms seeking certification for their staffs cannot afford to lose people offsite for a week. No problem, we'll come to you. We deliver training exclusively to your people at your shop on your schedule. We can deliver the curriculum in one week or stretch it out over a month or two, whatever works for your company. We charge a daily rate instead of individual course fees to help you save even more over our higher priced competitors.

BPI Re-Certification

As Maine's only independent BPI Affiliate, we have the flexibility and resources to handle your re-certification need before it expires. We can do this individually or include you as part of one of our training classes.

Test Proctoring

Recognizing that different people learn in different ways, some may be pursuing BPI certification through self-study or have taken training with another organization and now need to be tested. No problem, we can proctor you for either the BPI Written or Field Exams. We can do this individually or include you as part of one of our training classes.

Individual Mentoring

If you need training, but do not have the flexibility to attend one of our training classes, we can provide you with one-on-one training scheduled around you. We customize the material to focus on areas you need more familiarization and fill in the edges of what you have already mastered.